Dirty Revival

Portland born, Dirty Revival has evolved from the confines of a basement, to some of PDX’s most sought after stages. Their soulful sounds and energetic beats delivers an atmosphere that enraptures any audience. 

Led by the soulful vocals of Sarah Clarke, Dirty Revival has made their mark on the Pacific Northwest music scene. The unique ensemble delivers powerful original tracks and superbly arranged classics with a resounding presence, delivering passionate performances from dimly lit dive bars to crowded concert halls and open festival skies. 

The dynamic, seven-piece soul outfit shines on stage, and defines influences from funk- and soul-infused icons of the past. Dirty Revival has shared the stages with musical heavy-hitters such as Michael Franti, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Slick Rick, Nappy Roots and Gift of Gab, and have several multi-regional tours already under their belt. 

The band has been actively touring in support of their  debut album, the self titled, Dirty Revival, release in September of 2015. 

The release was marked by a sold out CD release party at one of Portland’s premier venues, Mississippi Studios. Driven by the warm reception of their freshman album, Dirty Revival has the heart and mind behind the music and the unyielding drive to share their soul. 


The soul: Sarah Clarke is a native of Portland and has a past filled with singing accolades. Her innate ability to connect and hypnotize an audience is parallel to no other. Sarah’s wide range of abilities are a key component of the Dirty Revival, and turn each performance into one of magic. In addition she is also a very proud mother of Donovan George, her adorable three year old son and soon to be band member.


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The flow: Guitar master and emcee extraordinaire, Evan ‘evv'n'flo’ Simko is another PDX native that has engulfed his life in all of music’s avenues. Currently working in hip-hop production and film scoring. For over 13 years Evan has instructed music in various forms, and continues to share his passion with students today. 


The smash: A student of Berklee College of Music, Terry Drysdale has been controlling a set of drums since he was first granted the ability at the age of 10. He has been a part of several Portland based bands, and has also taught music professionally. Terry is a Portland native, and enjoys sharing his fiery passion for music – which can often clear a room.


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"Snacks" : Portland native Ben "Snacks" Turner started piano at age 8 and Hammond organ within a year. Now a graduate of Portland State's jazz program, Ben has performed and toured with many of Portland's A-list acts including Manimalhouse, Ken Derouchie Band, and Curtis Salgado. The nickname is from one time when he ate, like, an indefensible amount of pizza at a rehearsal. - bensnacksturner.com


The bass: Jon Shaw also calls PDX home and makes his living with a bass guitar (or standup) in his hands. A monstrous talent, Jon is well known in the portland music community, as a player, teacher and ultimate noodler. You can also catch him around town with the free jazz group, The Blue Cranes. 


Tenor Sax, Gentleman and Baller: Chris Hardin, a Portland native as well has played tenor sax in various groups throughout the years including a long stint on the high seas performing on cruise ships, he is as mysterious as he is talented. 

Press :

Portland’s Dirty Revival blew the crowd away first. Their sound was everything, a kitchen sink of influences that included soul, jazz, funk, and more. Hip hop reared its modern head, gospel bled from Sarah Clarke’s vocals. Everything was gritty and raw and real.
— Seattle Music Insider
Clarke’s sultry vocals soar over a groove of Roots-inspired hip-hop and soul that more or less introduces the band’s ethos: They’re here to make you move
— The Portland Mercury
one of the most immense and commanding voices in Portland Music.
— Nathan Rizzo, OMN
Where the hell did all these people come from? In about fifteen minutes, the room went from nearly-empty to standing-room-only. Turns out, the funk/soul/groove band Dirty Revival... had taken over.
— Saidah Ali Wilson, We Out Here Magazine