Summer Tour 2018

It's amazing how a few weeks off can seem like forever. 

When our breaks come, we embrace them wholeheartedly. Having a couple uninterrupted weeks to dedicate to family and friends is invaluable, yet...

There's an excited feeling I get when I know tour time is starting again. The anticipation of seeing a bit of the world, making new friends, goofing off in the van, laughing, loving and getting to know our country and the people in it better... It's a crazy job, but I love it. 

With the exception of Upstream Music Festival in Seattle Washington (6/2) we have almost a month off, but we will be back in full swing midway through the month. This summer sees us to some of our favorite stomping grounds in Washington, California, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and our home state of Oregon. Sticking close to home as we're making big moves in the fall (can't wait to share this news with you all), and in the meantime, we plan to enjoy our time in the western United States. 

Enjoy the time while you got it boys! Soon we will be exploring the world, sharing our stories and music. Bards of the new age!