Dirty Revival Returns to the Doug Fir with Seattle Acts, The Dip and Whitney Mongé

SHAZAM! FINALLY! We are so excited to be playing in our hometown for the first time since the summer! I mean, jeez.  It's been since June, or something absurd like that. 

We are doubly excited to be bringing two hot acts from Seattle: The Dip and Whitney Mongé


"Hailing from Seattle, The Dip is an electrifying seven-piece ensemble that melds vintage rhythm and blues and modern pop with "impeccably crafted, 60's-steeped soul" (KEXP). The group quickly gained notoriety throughout the Pacific Northwest for their eminently danceable live shows that feature the powerful vocals of frontman Tom Eddy (Beat Connection), bolstered by the deep pocket of their unmistakably detailed rhythm section, and the spirited melodies of “The Honeynut Horns”. Hard-hitting but sensitive, The Dip harkens back to the deep soul roots of the decades past and pays tribute to this history through the grit and grace of their performances."



"Whitney Mongé was raised with rhythm and blues in her blood, but while growing up in the Pacific Northwest, her music was heavily influenced by the rock scene of the 90's coining her own genre, Alternative Soul Music. Often compared to the likes of Alabama Shakes' singer, Brittany Howard and Tracy Chapman, this is a powerhouse voice you will not forget! "



<instert matlock theme here> 

You already know what you're getting into with us but, since we last played for you we have written some new music, arranged a new cover (or two),  learned some essential theme music, procured some new merchandise (I can neither confirm or deny the existence of "Dirty Panties") and welcomed a new player into the fold. 

We have plenty to give, come and get it! 

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PSA: Don't sleep on tickets for this. This show is gonna sell out, it's just a question of when!