Welcome to The Revival

Welcome to The Revival, the Dirty Revival!

We are excited to present you with the first of many Dirty newsletters! This has been a busy year for us, with a lot of positive moving parts and we have been overwhelmed with the support and love from all our faithful fans. We thank you! In light of being a local group of musicians, it's important for us to stay true to our roots and not forget about the art of hard work. Recently, it was so eloquently said by another local band:

"Singing our own songs while playing our own instruments is essential to us,"
-Shook Twins

It's been a busy first year for us at Dirty Revival headquarters!

We Recorded our very first EP - The May Forth Edition 

The May Fourth Edition is currently available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby - but the BEST way to get it is from one of us at an upcoming show! Be sure to check out our gig calendar and come support Dirty Revival!

This past year has been amazing and we've played countless memorable shows. We have shared the stage with some legendary acts like Slick Rick The Ruler, Masta Ace and Gift of Gab. We performed at Dante's with an epic Michael Jackson cover band called Who's Bad and in January we opened up for one of our favorite hip-hop groups, Nappy Roots - check out the live footage here!

The next few months will be huge for us, as we are taking to the road and jamming in cities from Seattle to Sisters. We will keep you informed about upcoming events and welcome your support with high notes, drumbeats and guitar riffs.

August 4th was a big day for us, we shot video for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign and then hosted a mini-concert/photo shoot at the Alhambra Theater! Our Kickstarter will be launched in September and we hope it will raise enough funds so that we can hit the studio and record our very first full-length album. Stay tuned for more information on the Kickstarter.... 

See you soon!