Happy Holidays, ya filthy animals!!

Disclaimer: We don't actually think any of you beautiful souls are "filthy animals," however, be it the holiday season, Home Alone has basically been on repeat. CHEERS TO ALL!

HOLY 2014!

Tis the season for reminiscing, family, celebration and thanks, and in the spirit of that we have grown exponentially. The #DirtyNation has shown up big this year, we have exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be happier to grow together and with all of you! 


This year we've jammed on stage with the legendary Lyrics Born, opened for hip hop's own Nappy Roots and have tested and established our touring legs. We spent months planning, recording, scheduling, planning, editing, planning and planning a Kickstarter campaign, one that we hoped would catapult us into the future. Many, if not all of you, know that campaign became our lovechild, and SUCCEEDED. We are currently in the lab (basement) like mad scientists creating what will be our first full length album! This is in thanks to all of our backers, supporters and fans

Our partnerships with Blue Sun Entertainment has blossomed into a a beautiful relationship and we are stoked to continue working with them. These guys are our muscle, our friends, our experts and the guys who are helping us get to places like Park City, Utah, and Joshua Tree next year. Yea, that's right, we have BIG THINGS already in the works for 2015, so stay tuned, because we want to do this together!

Remember... You and me, we gonna be a baby makin' factory!