B-Side Tour: Home Sweet Home and Beyond

Well, the midwest was all we hoped it would be and MORE! Highlights included (but are not limited to): Cheese curds, Cheese popcorn, FRIED cheese curds, BUTTER BURGERS (I swear we did more than eat), taking a ride on the Spongebob Roller Coaster in the Mall of America, recording several tunes at Mountain Star studios in Black Hawk, CO, Lakeland Bass Factory in Chi-town (am I allowed to call it that if I'm not from there? It doesn't feel right...), Dr. Mambo's Combo at Butchers in Minneapolis, Fridays in the Asher in Cheyenne.... So many great times and memories! 

We are easing into the second part of our tour, which sees us much closer to home. Two dates in Hood River, a little jaunt to Southern Oregon, an excursion out to Utah/Montana/Idaho/Wyoming and our first festival of the season (Strawberry here we come!) .  With more festival announcements on the way, some REALLY exciting hometown plays and A HUGE tour announcement in the works, and brand new recordings heading your way, this summer is shaping up to be an exciting one. Stay tuned and stay cool! 

A-Side Tour: The Midwest

I have never been to Chicago. I had a layover on my way to DC once in the 90's but never left the airport, which I recall as being nice, if not overly flooded with Chicago Bulls souvenirs. 

In talking with people after our shows, I get a lot of inquiries about our travels, ("Have you been <insert US culture hub here>? You would love it! They would love you guys!"), Chicago being one of the cities brought up most frequently in conversation. Yes Chicago, with it's thick history, rich in diversity, a cultural beacon in an area of the country I have spent little time in. The thrill of making music for new audiences is almost surpassed by the excitement of meeting the people themselves, who have been a source of inspiration for artists, writers and musicians all across the country. The city providing a broad, wooly backdrop in which these narrations can grow. Scores of films have utilized the energetic environment that is the city (think Carrie, Farris Buellers Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Wayne's World, A League of their Own <!!! this was one of my favorite movies as a little girl>, Dick Tracy, etc.). Upton Sinclair, August Wilson and countless others have been inspired by it's windy streets. Beyond inspiration, the city itself birthed some of the most influential artists of our day. Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole, Curtis Mayfield, Minnie Ripperton, Bo Diddley, Chance the Rapper, Jennifer Hudson, R. Kelly, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, the list goes on and on and on (ooh, ooh, Mavis Staples, Billy Corgan) . 

There's something really special about being surrounded by that creative energy, by putting yourself in the same environment that these great artists lived, with the hope that some of what inspired them may infect you as well. 

I have had such an adventure with these guys in the last few years and opening up new markets for us to tour in is always such a highlight. New friends, new scenery, an understanding of our shared history and a deeper connection to the country we all so badly want to feel at 'home' in.  If you can't tell, Chi-town is calling, loudly. Let's goooo. 

Please follow our  Facebook page  for tour updates!&nbsp;

Please follow our Facebook page for tour updates! 

Dirty Revival Returns to the Doug Fir with Seattle Acts, The Dip and Whitney Mongé

SHAZAM! FINALLY! We are so excited to be playing in our hometown for the first time since the summer! I mean, jeez.  It's been since June, or something absurd like that. 

We are doubly excited to be bringing two hot acts from Seattle: The Dip and Whitney Mongé


"Hailing from Seattle, The Dip is an electrifying seven-piece ensemble that melds vintage rhythm and blues and modern pop with "impeccably crafted, 60's-steeped soul" (KEXP). The group quickly gained notoriety throughout the Pacific Northwest for their eminently danceable live shows that feature the powerful vocals of frontman Tom Eddy (Beat Connection), bolstered by the deep pocket of their unmistakably detailed rhythm section, and the spirited melodies of “The Honeynut Horns”. Hard-hitting but sensitive, The Dip harkens back to the deep soul roots of the decades past and pays tribute to this history through the grit and grace of their performances."



"Whitney Mongé was raised with rhythm and blues in her blood, but while growing up in the Pacific Northwest, her music was heavily influenced by the rock scene of the 90's coining her own genre, Alternative Soul Music. Often compared to the likes of Alabama Shakes' singer, Brittany Howard and Tracy Chapman, this is a powerhouse voice you will not forget! "



<instert matlock theme here> 

You already know what you're getting into with us but, since we last played for you we have written some new music, arranged a new cover (or two),  learned some essential theme music, procured some new merchandise (I can neither confirm or deny the existence of "Dirty Panties") and welcomed a new player into the fold. 

We have plenty to give, come and get it! 

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PSA: Don't sleep on tickets for this. This show is gonna sell out, it's just a question of when!