Dirty Revival Returns to the Doug Fir with Seattle Acts, The Dip and Whitney Mongé

SHAZAM! FINALLY! We are so excited to be playing in our hometown for the first time since the summer! I mean, jeez.  It's been since June, or something absurd like that. 

We are doubly excited to be bringing two hot acts from Seattle: The Dip and Whitney Mongé


"Hailing from Seattle, The Dip is an electrifying seven-piece ensemble that melds vintage rhythm and blues and modern pop with "impeccably crafted, 60's-steeped soul" (KEXP). The group quickly gained notoriety throughout the Pacific Northwest for their eminently danceable live shows that feature the powerful vocals of frontman Tom Eddy (Beat Connection), bolstered by the deep pocket of their unmistakably detailed rhythm section, and the spirited melodies of “The Honeynut Horns”. Hard-hitting but sensitive, The Dip harkens back to the deep soul roots of the decades past and pays tribute to this history through the grit and grace of their performances."



"Whitney Mongé was raised with rhythm and blues in her blood, but while growing up in the Pacific Northwest, her music was heavily influenced by the rock scene of the 90's coining her own genre, Alternative Soul Music. Often compared to the likes of Alabama Shakes' singer, Brittany Howard and Tracy Chapman, this is a powerhouse voice you will not forget! "



<instert matlock theme here> 

You already know what you're getting into with us but, since we last played for you we have written some new music, arranged a new cover (or two),  learned some essential theme music, procured some new merchandise (I can neither confirm or deny the existence of "Dirty Panties") and welcomed a new player into the fold. 

We have plenty to give, come and get it! 

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PSA: Don't sleep on tickets for this. This show is gonna sell out, it's just a question of when! 

Dirty Revival at Treefort Music Fest 2017

We are thrilled to be part of the first round of artists announced for Treefort Music Fest 2017! 

Known for their support of independent artists around the Northwest Treefort has been a band goal for a couple years now. Not just because of the local exposure bands get from playing these more intimate festivals, but because the community, the music, the positive vibe and the general good feelings associated with this particular event are directly in line with what Dirty Revival wants to do. We want to make friends, we want to make music and play it for our friends and we want to surround ourselves with good people and make special moments to remember forever. Treefort, you're our huckleberry... rolls right off the tongue. 



We have secured the final dates for our December tour and I can already feel the anticipation beginning to rise.  This is cathartic for many reasons, but mostly, California has proven to be a magical place for us.  It could be the sun, the food, the beautiful people (yeah, we see you), the summer festivals (Oh the festivals!!) but in reflecting on those individual things, it feels as though I'm missing something.  

It's impossible to capture the reflection of the sky in Lake Tahoe as the sun slips behind the mountains. I don't think I can explain how the stars look, hovering over the tops of the pine trees, or how the fog gently hugs the coastline and bridge foundations, sliding over the hills until it eventually covers everything until only the shining peaks of buildings show.  How do you pay tribute to the kind hearts and amazing personalities we have encountered? How do you celebrate the diversity, the inclusion, the sense of family that so many are willing to provide? And how are you supposed to discuss any of it without sounding like a pot smoking tree hugger? Whatever, call me a tree hugger.  I'll take it. As many of us were not so gently reminded last week, there are far worse things to be.  Jokes aside and considering what is happening in this country right now, I keep remembering all the wonderful people I encountered and all the love I felt and I am comforted in my belief that the world is basically good. 

Needless to say, California, we miss you.  We could use dose of your 'goodness' and in exchange we promise to bring that sweet, hot, melodic fire we have been perfecting since we've last seen you. 

Deal? Word. 

LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! (to defeat the huns...sorry I can't help it) 

We will be arriving in San Francisco with a day to kill (that loosely translates to 'get in some solid hang time with our buds in Midtown Social and Smoked Out Soul) before we hit the Elbo Room on Thursday with Baby and the Luvies. We have been extremely fortunate to work with some great San Francisco acts (see above), this group is no exception. Wow. 

http://www.babyandtheluvies.com Baby & The Luvies - Your Little Fool - original California Soul video from all original high energy soul-inspired dance band based in San Francisco. Directed by Lyza Fontana Filmed an edited by Lyza Fontana and Natashia Stevenson STAY CONNECTED!

Friday we head to Grass Valley Center for the arts to link up with  Joy And Madness.  I'm not sure I can adequately express how excited I am for this. A Joyous Revival, indeed! We connected at Worldfest and we were brought together again at Guitarfish, sparks flew. Some things just pair nicely together, this is one of those times.  I am so looking forward to playing with this excellent group of people. 

These guys make me smile a lot :) 

Saturday sees us in Healdsburg, back at Bergamot Alley. They have all the wine! We have all the music! These things seem to go hand and hand. 

Sunday we hop over to Reno to play The Saint, and although it isn't quite confirmed, I have high hopes of at least one of our buds from The Sextones. We shall see!  Monday we swing by the Mt. Shasta Vets Club, they live stream their shows! Tune in and see how we do out there on the road. 

Next up, Wednesday the 14th, we will head down to Chico, a place where I, apparently, get into all of the trouble. Maybe I will tell you about it someday as long as "you" aren't my mother. Anyways, we are stoked to be playing The Big Room at Sierra Nevada. I've heard great things about this venue! Thursday we head to Redding to play The Dip, it's a free show so NO EXCUSES :) 

Friday we reconnect with Joy and Madness at Harlow's. This is our second to last show on this run, forecast shows a high chance of PARTAY with a high chance of RAGING. I'm just the messenger.  

Saturday we end our run at the Crystal Bay Club, if you are around to see the Gift of Gab the night before, stick around for another day! 

Have I mentioned that we are freaking excited? Tell your friends to tell their friends. 

Evvnflo Wins Music Expo SF Remix Contest

We couldn't be more proud of our guitarist, MC, main dude and major goofball Evan (evvnflo) Simko for taking home first place in the Music Expo SF remix contest, reimagining funky soul band Con Brio's smooth track 'No Limits'.  The track showcases evvnflo's production capabilities as well as featuring prolific PDX MC Elton Cray. Listen to the track and tell us what you think!