Hey, you guys... WE'VE DONE IT!

Our Kickstarter campaign, thanks to a nation known as DIRTY, has SUCCEEDED! We have met our goal of $13,500 and will be able to record, engineer and produce our first full length album, which is all in thanks to YOU! 

THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you!!!

We still have a three days left in the campaign and donations are still live. We've met our goal, and to it will get the album and new music out to our beloved fans. More money just means more means of spreading the dirty word! We have tours scheduled, we have transportation needs and we have music to make! 

With our deepest gratitude, all of our best to you, #DirtyNation. 

Kickstarter: T-minus 5 days and counting!

Dirty Nation, we are ALMOST there! We've been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity of all you lovely folks, and collectively we have a current campaign total of $10,795 from 117 backers!

The next five days will make or break all the hard work we've put in over the last year. The Kickstarter campaign will only be funded if we meet our goal of $13,500, and we are SO CLOSE. So close to finally achieving enough funds to put us in the studio to produce our first full length album! If you haven't heard, we have HUGE plans for this album with a slew of collaborations and guest appearances. 

So please, spread the word and let everyone know we want YOU to join us in the Dirty Nation::



First Kickstarter update!

Kickstarter is off to a great start! Thank you #dirtynation!!!! 

20% FUnDed in just 4 days!