Houston, we have a merger!

The long awaited announcement has sprung! We at DR Headquarters are jazzed to announce our official merge with Blue Sun Entertainment

We will join a list of other fantastic musicians already playing under BSE's direction, and are excited to join the ranks! (Look here)

Fellow BSE artists. OH, HEY, and US!!

For us, this means a more professional and active presence in the music scene. More shows, expanding outside of Portland, outside of Oregon, and eventually the Pacific Northwest! Our calendar is already filling up, and there will be PLENTY of more exciting news to come as we dig in and get DIRTY! 

Check out BSE on the web (Blue Sun Entertainment), or Facebook for more information on their outfit, and our new family!

Dirty fans be ready!

The long awaited BIG ANNOUNCEMENT we previously announced in an announcement, is going to finally be released tomorrow, TUESDAY, during the first half of the day. If we could lend you a hint, it would include things like more chances to see Dirty Revival live, and more tweets from Evv'n'Flo. We know you love both, so STAY TUNED!!


... you and me, we gonna be a baby-makin' factory!